Scilab-4.1.2,ScicosLab-4.4b7,Scilab-5.3.0,Octave-3.2.4, MATLAB 7.5.0(R2007b)のベンチマークテスト

Scilab-4.1.2,ScicosLab-4.4b7,Scilab-5.3.0,Octave-3.2.4, MATLAB 7.5.0(R2007b)のベンチマークテスト(2011年1月.ただし,MATLAB は最新のものではないので単なる参考と思ってください.)


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  1. Hi,
    Could you replace timer function by tic, toc in your bench
    timer in scilab 4 (scicoslab) and 5 does not use same internal C function
    timer in scilab 4.x is buggy and do not give good result

    • Thanks a lot for your information.
      I removed the comparison.
      I will upload the new results soon.
      Thank you again.


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